Technical Regulations



A multilingual dictionary gives a comprehensive overview and also the interpretation of important technical terms in five languages. The dictionary contains nearly three hundred technical terms and names of pieces of furniture, which normally can be found in interiors.

The glossary is intended for use in manufacturing as well as commercial companies. It is also usable for students of vocational secondary schools and universities. Finally, it can serve as a teaching tool for extending one’s technical vocabulary in a foreign language.
To design and produce high quality furniture is the foundation of commercial success of every business. Therefore it is necessary to have an overview of all regulations that apply to furniture, its safety and use. The requirements may be included in legislation (regulations), but especially in the national and European norms (standards).

An overview of documentscontaining furniture requirements in the partner countries can be an important tool for manufacturers, designers, as well as business companies.
E-learning shows an illustrative application of the standards in practice and properly emphasizes their importance. Many problems and injuries often can be prevented with knowledge of requirements that are specified in the regulations.

The e-learning has an answer to the question of which standards and technical regulations apply to a specific type of furniture. You will also learn about different types of premises and their classification in terms of safety. The authors tried to include all common types of premises and equipment.